We started Global Sound Map as an art project in 2005. The idea was to create a new kind of map, a sound map over our hometown Göteborg, Sweden – Göteborg Sound Map. The map was based on site specific sounds, choices from the citizens of Göteborg. We now expand to places and cities all over the world, The Global Sound Map.

As a result from our work we introduce a new visual method on this webbsite. Follow the steps below and create a sound symbol that reflects a specific sound experience, and share this with others. A visual tool for letting friends and people all over the world tune in to your favorite Sound Spot.
Think of a place that has a special atmosphere. The sounds around the area where you live, or visit places you like like or dislike. Listen to the entire picture. The aim of leaving a Soundprint is to visually describe a sound experience. Welcome and please don’t forget to give us feedback to improve the site and symbols.
Good Luck.

Miko Söderlund , Graphic Designer
Staffan Mossenmark, Sound Artist
Andreas Thorén, System Developer